Top Nine Reasons Football Fans Don’t Like Neymar

6. Arrogant Attitude


Neymar is considered arrogant and rude by many fans and some football greats also warned Neymar about his behavior. Pele, the Brazilian legend once said in the media that Neymar is more concerned about his appearance in the media instead of focusing on the game. Neymar during his stint at Santos kicked a player after fouling him. Recently, Neymar confronted a Manchester City fan after the fan made fun of him. Neymar because of his attitude issues is hated by many fans in the world. PREVIW FOR #5: Neymar is becoming the face of FC Barcelona recently which Messi had always been. Recently, Neymar and Pique were picked to represent Barca in a Qatar event taken place in Doha. Although, there is no friction between the two players (neymar&messi) but Messi fans are not liking that Messi is being overlooked as the face of FC Barcelona.


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