Top 5 Strongest Footballers In The World

#5. Mats Hummels: At such a young age, Mats Hummels has become a World Cup winning defender, something that only Giorgio Chiellini can claim in this countdown apart from him, and you don’t get to become the most important defender of the World Cup winning team, if you aren’t the strongest defender in the world. Mats Hummels might not look very muscular, but then, it doesn’t takes muscle to define pure strength. Hummels has been the best German defender for the time being, and when you couple his strength, his interception skills and his athleticism, then you can easily understand how he became the best defender in the world.

#4. Victor Wanyama: Playing for a top level team in the Premier League, as a midfielder, isn’t an easy take to do, and one needs to be physically strong if you’re a defensive midfielder. Widely considered to be a great sportsman in the team, Wanyama weighs over 90 kilos, and the 1.84 meter tall midfielder from Kenya has formidable strength and athletic capabilities. He’s not going to run out of breath if it gets into his head that he MUST take the ball away from you, and will run behind you like a heat seeking missile, no matter what. He comes at the 4th spot in our countdown.

#3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The athletic abilities of Ibrahimovic, coupled with his physical strength, makes him to be a formidable striker. He won’t care if you’re physically weaker or stronger than him. He won’t care if him swinging his legs in an attempt to make an athletic shot could blast your skulls off. He won’t care if you’re a giant boulder. All he knows, is that when he’s anywhere near the penalty box, he’s going to break your body if need it be, and snatch that ball away from you, and piledrive the ball to the bottom corner of the net.

#2. George Elokobi: At 95 kilos of weight, this battle tank of a defender is the runner up of this countdown, for the second time! Elokobi’s workout at the gym has become famous among all Colchester United fans and maybe there’s hardly any striker in the world who would prefer to battle physically with this guy. However, his strength comes at a cost- his pace, and for that reason, Elokobi hasn’t become the best defender in the League Two division. If you have a look at his videos of training, then you’ll realize that this guy has remarkable upper body strength, and that helps him to remain fit for matches.

#1. Adebayo Akinfenwa: When you see this guy running towards you to get the ball from your legs, you’d probably want to leave the ball then and there, and RUN for your life! He looks more like a giant boulder hurling towards you when he runs! Akinfenwa is known all over England for his strength, and is officially, the World’s strongest player! In fact, he’s known to turn on his ‘beast mode’, something that no other player in this countdown does, when his team AFC Wimbledon is trailing in a match. This guy is so massive, he takes up almost the same square footage of clothes that 5 normal persons would need!