Top 10 Worst Strikers In The History Of Football

#3. Nii Lamptey


Poor Nii Lamptey. The Ghanaian forward is an example of how young players should not be managed after a series of poor decisions and pressure prevented Lamptey from fulfilling his potential. Lamptey attracted a lot of attention during his early days at PSV. Lamptey had a troubled childhood and background and was ruthlessly exploited by people within the game when his life seemed to be turning around. As a youngster he signed a deal with Italian agent Antonio Caliendo who, according to a fellow professional, “held Lamptey’s transfer rights like a slave owner held his slave”. Lamptey moved to Aston Villa in 1994 but failed to score during his time at the club. He spent the rest of his career moving club to club but could not realise what clear talent the forward possessed.


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