Top 10 Worst Strikers In The History Of Football

#1. Carlos Henrique Kaiser


Before Ali Dia there was Carlos Henrique Kaiser. Ali Dia fooled one club one time, Carlos Henrique Kaiser made a career out of it. In one of the most unbelievable stories in football, Henrique reportedly befriended some of the biggest and best players in Brazil during a career which spanned two decades. The story goes that Kaiser would get his friends to convince their managers to give him a trial. He’d get paid contracts and would fake injuries when the time came when he had to actually play. His plan was nearly unravelled when playing for club side Bangu. The manager told Henrique he had to sit on the bench but was not expected to come on. Bangu were losing and Henrique was told to warm up and get on the pitch, exposing his lack of ability to the world. Kaiser had to think fast and decided to start abusing his own fans and was promptly sent off. He apparently convinced the Bangu chairman that he was defending the chairman’s honour and was given a six month contract. Much of the story is presumably a legend that got out of hand but we can hope not.


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