Top 10 Worst Strikers In The History Of Football

#10. Marco Negri


Marco Negri had a strange career. The Italian went from being the most lethal striker in world football to a forgotten man seemingly overnight. Negri was outstanding in Italy with Cosenza and Perugia which led to his move to Rangers in 1997. His career in Scotland started brilliantly. Marco Negri scored an incredible 23 goals in his first 10 matches for the club including all five goals in a 5-1 victory over Dundee United. However there was something a little off about Negri. He refused to celebrate any goal he scored and was reportedly totally antisocial, only spending time with Italian full back Sergio Porrini. Negri was injured when a ball rebounded and hit him in the eye during a game of squash between the pair and that seemingly signalled the end of Negri’s goal scoring ability. Negri returned from the injury a changed man. He spent a further three years at Ibrox but barely played a first team match. The Italian then returned to Italy in 2010 but barely scored or even played for the rest of his career. Negri is one of the worst strikers in football history because he could have been amongst the best.


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