Top 10 Worst Referee Mistakes

#7 Brazil vs Turkey – Red Card for Rivaldo dive


Everybody remembers this classic farce that should have seen Rivaldo booked for unsportsmanlike behavior that belonged more on a Hollywood set than the football pitch. This fixture within group C saw the Brazilian go to take a corner before a Turkish player kicked the ball to him that collided with his legs. He immediately clasped his face and withered in agony on the floor as if the ball had struck his face. Result? Turkish player sent off in a tournament that was marred by corruption. Watch on PREVIEW FOR #6: This game was the setting of what was proving to be a marvelous come back for the United States who were 2-1 down against Slovenia and were about to equalize. A free kick outside of the box was curled in by Landon Donovan for Maurice Edu to slot home in what was a great set piece. Referee Koman Coulibaly saw it differently and disallowed the goal. Watch on


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