Top 10 All Time Worst Football Kits

#10. Recreativo 2012-13


Recreativo tried to rethink football fashion with this polka dotted strip but the result is that their team ended up looking like the mushrooms from the Super Mario games. The club spent the season in the middle of the Spanish Segunda Division but probably deserved relegation for making their supporters sit and watch this. PREVIEW FOR #9 > The Potters’ away shirt for the 1997 season would have been horrible without the massive “STOKE” written across the front of it, presumably in case the players forgot who they played for. The blue to black gradient looks exactly like it was made by someone who still didn’t quite know how to use Photoshop. But it is the printing of the word Stoke which really makes this kit. The font looks exactly like the Microsoft Word ClipArt which was outdated 10 seconds after it was released.


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