#10. Joãozinho (5ft 4 in)

There are a number of players that measure no more than 5ft 4 inches in the sport and whom all play for professional football clubs. Here are the top 10 shortest players in world football today. João Natailton Ramos dos Santos is a Brazilian footballer and left winger. He currently plays for Krasnodar. He is the first entry on this list standing at a modest 5 ft 4 inches tall. I wouldn’t like to try and challenge him in the box. It would be a penalty before you know it.

#9. Carlinhos Bala (5ft 4 in)

José Carlos da Silva plays for CRB and is similar in height standing at around 5 feet 4 inches tall. It is nice to see that football is based on pure ability rather than appearance. Although, a defensive role will probably not be best suited for Jose which is why he probably plays midfield.

#8. Juan Cuevas (5ft 4 in)

Juan Cuevas is a striker who plays for Mineros de Zacatecas in La Liga Mx. He is quick and measures around five feet four inches tall. Despite his obvious disadvantage he has still managed to net 6 goals within 30 games this season. It would be interesting watching him play.

#7. Franco Niell (5ft 4 in)


Another Argentinean entry who goes by the name of Franco Niell. He too is a striker and currently plays for Rosario Central within the Primera Division. It must be incredibly difficult to still make the grade and go professional when you are at a clear disadvantage from all the other players on the pitch.


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