Top 10 Oldest Footballer Stars (EPL)

#2 Thomas Sorensen – 39


At the time of writing, Thomas is still currently with Stoke City but will probably be transferred after recently being linked with the Australian A-league side Melbourne City. The Goalkeeper is just shy of 40 years old making him one of the oldest players in the Premiership with his time in the country spanning 17 years during which time he has played for Sunderland, Aston Villa and Stoke City. PREVIEW FOR #1: The winner of this list goes to the Finnish goalkeeper who is currently at West Ham United. With the transfer window in full swing, it looks like he may be moving but qualifies as the oldest player within the Premiership being 40 years of age. He represented his country for a number of years and was previously playing for Bolton Wanderers before transferring to Upton park.


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