Top 10 Oldest Footballer Stars (EPL)

#7 Michael Carrick – 34


The vice captain for Manchester United has not enjoyed much recognition on the international stage having often being snubbed for the likes of Gerrard. However, through his abilities to read a game and his positional awareness he has enjoyed a successful spell at Old Trafford having been praised by the current coach Louis Van Gaal. He has recently signed a contract extension for a further two years at the club. PREVIEW FOR #6: There has been some friction between the celebrated Chelsea captain and the current coach Jose Mourinho over the last few weeks. This is purely because John was substituted against Manchester City because the ‘Special One’ thought he could not keep up with the likes of Aguero. John Terry has been a permanent fixture for many years at Stamford Bridge and may be feeling the pressure within the quick paced environment of the Premiership. He can hardly be expected to keep up with the youngsters now coming through.


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