Top 10 Oldest Footballers To Play At The FIFA World Cup

#9. Angel Labruna: Age 43


Angel Amadeo Labruna is one of the best players in the history of the Argentinean league. He is still the second highest goalscorer of all time in the Argentine First Division and won nine Primera Division titles with River Plate. His record for the Argentinean National Team was slightly less impressive. He made just 37 appearances for the national team which seems surprising given his incredible record in domestic football. Labruna scored 17 goals in those matches and would’ve played in many more tournaments but for the suspension during the Second World War as well as Argentina’s decision not to take part in the 1950 or 1954 World Cups. Labruna did however appear in the 1958 tournament, becoming one of the oldest players to do so in the process.


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