Top 9 NBA Hottest Wives & Girlfriends

2. Vanessa Bryant (Wife of: Kobe Bryant)


We present to you the runner up of this countdown- Vanessa Cornejo Ubreita Bryant. She is the wife of Kobe Bryant. Did you know that when they both married each other, Kobe was just 22 and Vanessa was 19? And apparently Kobe’s parents weren’t much open about this marriage- because she wasn’t African American. Kobe and Vanessa also had no pre-nuptial agreement in 2001, and Kobe’s parents didn’t attend the wedding. But on a much romantic note- the couple met when Vanessa was filming a music video as an extra and Kobe happened to be in the same place at that right time. But you have to admit, she looks stunning and perhaps Kobe was right to marry her!


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