Top 10 Most Phenomenal Footballers From Real Madrid

10. Santillana (1971-1988)


Santillana was one of the most lethal strikers to play for Real Madrid and is famous for his ability to jump high in the air for scoring headers in situations like corners. He scored 290 goals in 645 matches, which might not seem the largest (comparing to the likes of Ronaldo or Messi), but scoring goals were a lot harder those times, because the physical conditions of the pitch weren’t perfect and the ball was a lot heavier than modern days. He would go on to win 9 La Liga titles with Madird and managed to win the Spanish Cup (4), the League Cup (1) and the UEFA Cup as well (2). He started his career at the Bernabeu at just 19 years of age and became a legend in the club soon.


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