Top 10 Injury Fakers Who Still Make Millions

9. Sergio Busquets (Earns £120,000 per week)


Sergio Busquets is the greatest injury faker that Barcelona can ever dream of having, and he should take pride in winning such a title from us. In fact, we’re pretty sure that he’ll be sad to see that his name just comes at the 9th spot in our countdown, because- let’s face it- he does work a lot in his diving skills. Maybe he took the wrong sport? Maybe he should have been a diver? All jokes apart- Sergio Busquets will never be able to get rid of the “diver” tag that’s attached to him and the fact is, that he makes £120,000 per week! In fact, we believe- like most strikers who get bonus when they score goals, Busquets gets bonus when he can fake an authentic-looking dive!


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