Top 10 Injury Fakers Who Still Make Millions

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Earns 17 million EUR per year minimum!)


Cristiano Ronaldo is not just one of the most hated footballers in the whole world, but also seems to be in love with the ground because he seems to be diving to kiss the grass at every opportunity that he gets. One could say that because he’s fast he tends to get misbalanced very quickly, but now, we all know he isn’t exactly the quickest footballer on earth and yet, his diving rates are sky high- and not just that- he’s one of the richest footballers on earth, and the richest footballer of modern times! Yes, Ronaldo does score flashy goals often in La Liga (to be fair, most teams in La Liga don’t have even decent defence- and that includes Real Madrid!) but still, he is a diver and there’s no denying it!


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