Top 10 Hottest Football WAGS For 2016

#10. Sam Cooke


The beautiful Sam Cooke started dating Manchester United center back Chris Smalling in 2013, and has featured on the covers of several lads mags across the UK. A former glamour model, Cooke is also an accomplished Disc Jockey, and is often booked throughout the year in the top clubs of Southeast Asia. The much loved up couple are set to get married later this year, though Cooke admitted that she is a Manchester City fan, which may cause a few problems in the Smalling household! PREVIEW FOR #2: The Icelandic beauty Alexandra Helga Ivarsdottir was a big name celebrity even before she started dating the most popular footballer in the country. She had finished in the top 15 at the 2008 Miss World pageant, and was also awarded the 2008 Miss Sports World award, something which clearly caught Sigurdsson’s eye. A former model, Alexandra now spends her time collecting art from reputed artists and is also preparing for a budding singing career in her native Iceland.


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