Top 10 Most Frustratingly Inconsistent Players In World Football

#7. Joe Hart


Charles Joseph John Joe Hart, simple known as Joe Hart was born 19th April 1987 in Shrewsbury, England. Hart has been one of the most intimidating keepers for Premier League strikers as he stands at 6’5 (1.96m) and is always very loud and likes to communicate with his defenders. Although he currently plays for Torino on loan, he is still considered a one club man and a legend at Manchester City Football Club, City fans will never forget what Joe Hart has done for them and neither will England fans. He has always played with passion and has shown that on multiple occasions. New Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola dropped Hart and eventually loaned him out to Torino because his passing and technical abilities isn’t what he’s looking for. Clearly Guardiola is trying to take Manchester City and football in general to a different level as he did with Barcelona and Tiki Taka and Joe Hart is an amazing goalkeeper but unfortunately for him he can’t do both.


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