Top 10 Footballers Who Are Cry Babies

#4. William Gallas


In terms of breakdowns on the pitch, this one surely ranks among the best. The collapse was legendary, even by the high standards Arsenal have set in that category. The Gunners were top of the table and well on course to winning their first Premier League title in three years when they took to the field in a match against Birmingham in 2007. The club had won their last four matches and were well on course to make it five when Theo Walcott scored two goals to put the club 2-1 up. Then came the horror. Arsenal forward Eduardo suffered a horrific injury before a late surge from Birmingham threatened Arsenal’s title charge. Birmingham won a penalty in the 95th minute which was duly converted and captain William Gallas decided enough was enough. He walked to the other end of the pitch and sat down with his hand in his heads. Some say he’s still there.


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