Top 10 Footballers Who Are Cry Babies

#1. Julio Sergio


Roma were optimistic when they entered the 2010-11 season. Manager Claudio Ranieri took over the club the previous September and guided Roma to a second place finish, just two points off leaders Inter Milan. However when the season started, Roma seemed to forget how to play. Roma went into their fourth fixture of the season against Brescia without a win to their name. The match certainly didn’t go to plan and Brescia took a 2-0 lead. Roma pulled one back but had been down to ten men since the 65th minute. Things got from bad to worse when goalkeeper Julio Sergio picked up an injury and with all three substitutes used, the keeper had to fight through the pain. He did with all the gritty determination expected of him, only with a few more tears. The keeper strapped his ankle up but spent the last few minutes of extra time acting like a three year old who just dropped their ice cream cone.


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