Top 10 Football Teams With The Highest Club Value

#10. Tottenham Hotspur ($1.01 Billion Club Value)


After a very successful 2015/16 campaign, the Londoners have secured Champions League football for the current campaign. With some really shrewd signings and profitable departures of players led by the transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid a couple of years ago, Spurs are the 10th richest football club in the world. Valued at 1,017 million dollars and a revenue of 310 million dollars in the previous fiscal years, we won’t be surprised to see this team go further up in the rankings in the coming years. PREVIEW FOR #9: Without any shadow of doubt, the Italian giants are the undisputed champions of Italian football and since shaking off the Calciopolli scandal off of their backs, the Turin giants have represented Italy admirably in Europe. As things stand, La Vecchia Signora enjoyed a revenue of 390 million dollars in the previous fiscal year while the current value of 1,299 million dollars means that this team is going to get only stronger if the current era of success carries on for a further couple of years at least.


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