#10. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has had to contend with several members of the news squad and a new manager this season. He has seen his team slot change on the field, taking a more midfield position in the middle of the season which didn’t prove too successful. However, they have qualified for Champions League play offs and it is no doubt that Wayne’s command of the squad got them there. Watch on:

#9. Thiago Silva, PSG

An outstanding season by PSG this year with Thiago at the helm. The Brazilian is a determined force that holds the team together as they chase a fourth title! Mancini will surely be looking to build any future squad around Thiago as PSG look set to take on Europe next year. Watch on:

#8. Vincent Kompany, Manchester City

Vincent Kompany has been likened to John Terry by his current boss Manuel Pelligrini. The Manchester City fall back has enjoyed a good season with a number of stellar performances both in the role of defender and captain at the Etihad. He will surely be staying at the club who will look upon his leadership next year.Watch on:

#7. Francesco Totti, Roma

Still the captain of the Roma side, the ageing superstar still shows his worth after all this time since his humble beginnings way back in 1992! Showing absolute loyalty and dedication he commands the respect of his peers and is a strong leader due to his incredible wealth of experience. Watch on:

#6. Iker Cassilas, Real Madrid


The strong number one who has enjoyed leadership roles both at club and national level, this list would not be complete without his name. Lately, he has been on the receiving end of unjust criticism from Real Madrid fans with high expectations. There are few others though who can confidently organize a back four like him! Especially when dealing with superstar egos such as Bale and Ronaldo! Watch on:


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