Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World

#10. Alexis Sanchez – 30.1 km/h

The Premier League is said to be among the fastest leagues in the world. So much so in fact, that players who arrive no matter are soon leaving for other parts of the world given the fast pace shown on the pitch. We have seen many talented footballers just not able to cope or settle in to the Premier League for this very reason. However, amongst the numerous teams that exist in the world are cheetahs who can make a speeding bullet look slow! Alright, maybe not that fast, but still pretty fast. Here are the top ten quickest players in world football. Alexis Sanchez, the latest Spanish speaking addition to Arsenal’s assault striking team and Wenger’s legacy. The lad is no slow shuffler. In a study commenced by the bods at Fifa this year, the lad ranged at 30.1 km/h on one occasion. It is no surprise, for anybody seeing him in action and most recently in the FA Cup can attest to his bursting relentless pace. Not the fastest out there but still pretty quick. Any team would be glad having this Latino darting around in front of goal. Watch on:

#9. Arjen Robben – 30.4 km/h


Arjen Robben was not very quick during his initial time under Mourinho at Chelsea. However since then his pace has become legendary. We have attached a link to how quickly this guy can move below. He clocks in at around 30.4 km/h, and forever hassles defenders to no end as he shoots up and down the wing like a speedboat. Watch on:


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