Top 10 Most Expensive NBA Player Signers All Time

10. Shaquille O’Neal, $120 million


Contract Value: $120 million
Contract Duration: 7 years (1996 – 2003)
Signed by Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Position: Centre
Age: 43 Years (March 6, 1972)
Height (in metres): 2.16
Weight (in kg): 147 Kg
Last recorded salary: $1.35 Million (2010)
We begin our countdown with the big Shaq- the player who signed a bumper $120 million contract with the NBA team LA Lakers, which tied him with the team for 7 years. He signed the contract while he was just 24. At that point of time, it was the richest contract ever signed! This move was done particularly to attract more fans, hence more tickets, hence more revenues! And assessing the current scenario, it did go well according to plan!


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