Top 10 Biggest Footballer Cry Babies In The Game

#10.Yaya Toure


Yaya Toure has been voted African Footballer of the Year for each of the last four seasons until Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang won the award in January 2016. The Dortmund man has been in exceptional form for his club in recent months, and scored 40 goals in 2015. Toure meanwhile has been struggling for form at Manchester City. The midfielder ranted about the voting structure of the award, claiming that Aubemeyang’s club achievements overshadowed his work for his national team. Toure said “I’m very, very disappointed…I think this is what brings shame to Africa, because to act in that way is indecent.” This is the same Yaya Toure who threatened to leave Manchester City when he didn’t get a birthday cake.


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