Top 10 Athletes In Sports With The Highest Earnings

#8. Phil Mickelson (Golf) Estimated Earnings: $52.9 million


Phil Mickelson has done well to pick his sponsors. In the past year, he added $50 million in endorsement money to his safest bank vaults. That sponsor cash dwarfs his measly earnings of $2.9 million in prize money. So, even when he plays poorly on the golf course, he is still guaranteed a hefty paycheck. All he has to do is not follow in Tiger Woods’ footsteps. It is not as if Phil Mickelson is without any credentials, though. He has won 5 Majors in his career thus far. The only title that has eluded him is the US Open. It is not because of a lack of an effort, though; he has finished runner-up in the US Open a record six times egging The Economist to best describe him as “golf’s best loser ever.”


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