Top 10 Athletes In Sports With The Highest Earnings

#9. Jordan Spieth (Golf) Estimated Earnings: $52.8 million


Jordan Spieth has been climbing up the golf ladder at a rapid pace. Only three-and-twenty, Jordan has already bagged 2 majors. He is also the defending FedEx champion. He took home a whopping $20.8 million in prize money in the past 12 months. Jordan’s meteoric rise has everyone including sponsors taking notice of his exceptional talent. In the past year, he took home $32 million in endorsement deals with Under Armour, AT &T, Titleist, Perfect Sense, Net Jets, Rolex, and SuperStroke etc. If we are to predict his future taking his current success trajectory into account, the money he’s making right now will be chump change compared to his future earnings.


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