Top 10 Athletes In Sports With The Highest Earnings

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) Estimated Earnings $88 million


Cristiano Ronaldo is not a stranger to the footballing world. He is as bright as a button on the football pitch, ever ready to capitalize on any scoring opportunity. Therefore, he doesn’t have problems finding the back of the net. His performances on the field for Real Madrid have paved the way for him to attract several lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike, TagHeur, and Herbalife. The footballer also profits from his line of products, CR7. He raked in $32 million in endorsement money over the last 12 months. Add that amount to the $56 million he earned in salary and bonuses, Ronaldo accumulated a staggering $88 million in total earnings in the last year, making him the highest-paid athlete in sport.


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