Richest Retired Footballers In The World

5. Ronaldinho ($93 million)

Coming at the 5th spot is the Brazilian legendary playmaker and goal scorer Ronaldinho! Perhaps the most entertaining footballer of his era, Ronaldinho was such a footballer who would always keep your blood pressure spiked, the moment he received the ball from his fellow teammates. You would be pleasantly surprised by all the skillful moves he would pull of during a match, and there would be virtually nothing that you could do to stop this guy. As a defender, he would be your worst nightmare, because you simply wouldn’t know what trick would he pull off next. Would he pass, would he dribble, would he perform any skills? Probably he’d score a goal instead!

4. Raul ($95 million)

Perhaps Real Madrid’s most iconic player will always be Raul, the Spanish striker who was a clinical poacher in his best days. Raul scored plenty of goals in his career, using almost all parts of his body in doing so. The best thing about this Spanish footballer was his ability to find the back of the net, even in seemingly impossible situation and angles. In the process, Raul earned plenty of awards and trophies, and eventually earned a massive amount of $95 million. He comes at the 4th spot in our countdown. He comes at the 4th spot in this countdown.

3. Eric Cantona ($145 million)

There was a reason he was called as the king of English football! The Manchester United legend was the most feared footballer by both opponents and fans alike (referring to the kung-fu kick incident). Perhaps there was a reason why everybody referred to him as The King. Cantona is perhaps the only player that Sir Alex had a soft spot towards, and the Scott even claimed that there will never be any player who can compare himself to the United legend. Imagine a Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United, but with 10 times more arrogance and talent. With a net valuation of more than $145 million, he comes at the 3rd spot in our countdown.

2. Ronaldo ($150 million)

He might be very fat now, but there was a time when this striker created havoc at the heart of every opposition defence. The Brazilian footballer was widely considered to be one of the best in the world, and Jose Mourinho still considers him to be ‘The real Ronaldo’. With total assets worth $150 million, Ronaldo is the second most richest footballer among the retired community. The Brazilian was particularly known for his finishing skills and was one of the best poachers in all world during his peak years. Needless to say, he was the most important player of Brazil’s squad that won the FIFA World Cup.

1. David Beckham ($350 million)

And we have the winner of this countdown! David Beckham is the richest retired footballer in the world at the moment, and the second most richest athlete in the world, after Michael Jordan reclaimed his spot at number 1. Beckham is a product of the infamous ‘Class of 92’ of Manchester United and is hailed to be one of the greatest midfielders that England has ever nourished. The best thing about Beckham was his freekick. His freekicks would deceptively curl in towards either goal post, which led to the expression ‘Bend it like Beckham’.