SHOCKING: The Insane Reason Behind Gareth Bale Postponing His Wedding

According to the Daily Mail, Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale has postponed his summer wedding to childhood sweetheart Emma Rhys-Jones due to a gang feud involving her family. The report says that they are being targeted by a drug gang after a suitcase containing £1 million in cash, cocaine and watches disappeared from Rhys-Jones’ grandparents’ home last year. Her cousin allegedly disappeared with the suitcase and as a result, the gang has gone to huge lengths to try and retrieve the money.

The gang allegedly tried to blackmail Bale into giving them the money by threatening to share photos of the Real star’s four-year old daughter at a cannabis farm along with other incriminating photos and video of her singing an inappropriate song. Also, back in September, Rhys-Jones’ grandparents had their car torched and bricks thrown through their window and her aunt also had two cars torched and gasoline thrown through her front door.

According to a family source, Bale’s family is concerned for their safety. “Security has been stepped up in Madrid until this blows over,” said the source. “They had planned to marry this summer, but it won’t be happening now. Emma’s very upset but she’s in total agreement that it is the best thing to do.”

The one bright spot is that the delay may allow for Rhys-Jones’ father to attend the wedding. Currently in jail in the United States for leading a multimillion pound shares scam, Martin Rhys-Jones is on track to be released early due to good behavior.