Premier League Best Goals Of The Season 2015-16

#1.Dimitri Payet v. Crystal Palace (April)


Despite Vardy’s incredible strike against Liverpool, it was Dimitri Payet who scored the best goal this season. The score was 1-1 when Payet stood over the free kick in the first half. West Ham needed to win to keep their top four hopes alive and Payet was the man they wanted standing over the ball. The Frenchman did exactly what Hammers fans know he can do and he whipped the ball into the far top corner. Payet’s free kick seemed to ignore all laws of physics as it found the far corner. It didn’t seem on target until a millisecond before it hit the back of the net as he got incredible curve and dip on the shot. Palace keeper Wayne Hennessey could just watch the shot nestle right into the top corner of his goal.


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