What Now Man United? As Neymar Advises Barcelona Board to Sort Messi’s Contract Issues


After the purchase of Paul Pogba by Manchester United at the rate they did and with the huge financial power the club is credited with, it became obvious that they can get any player they want, no matter the price tag. That was why when the news broke out that they are in the market for the Barcelona young star, many people did not doubt it.

Now, while all transfer news could be termed speculative in their early moments, some interviews from the club’s hierarchy, coaches, or even the players could spark things up more. That was what happened when Neymar amidst the speculation about him joining Manchester United said in an interview that he will definitely try out his boots in some other clubs in the future. He pointed towards England and at great clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. He also talked about working under great coaches like Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. With this, the hopes of Manchester United fans seeing their coveted man play in their colors were re-ignited, even though the sport betting offers of 2017 would hardly agree on this happening.

This hope took a leap when the news from Barcelona revealed that Neymar has ended one of the training days with a sad face. It highlighted a very serious brawl that happened between the Brazilian and coach Juan Carlos Unzue. With Luis Enrique leaving the club this summer, it is believed that Unzue will actually wield more influence and the meaning of this is that Neymar may be looking to quit the club.
However, just a few days back, the entire enthusiasm enjoyed by Manchester united fans were completely dazed by a message, which seemed to confirm Neymar’s long term commitment to Barcelona.
Lionel Messi and the club have been embroiled in contract loggerheads. The club wants their star man to pen a contract extension as his current contract is drawing to a close. They have
tabled an improved contract of £29 million-a-year for him and laid it on the table for him and his agents to consider and sign.

Robert Vincent Peace – Lionel Messi

But the little Argentine and his agent have looked at the contract and found some things they do not agree with. Because of this, the process of trying to get him to commit his long term future to the club yielded no fruits. So, everything has been stalled for some weeks. The speculations about Messi’s contract issue with Barcelona became even more intriguing when people came to understand that his current contract will expire at the end of the current season.
However, Barcelona fans were consoled by the fact that he says he is willing to extend his contract once the issues his agent pointed out are taken care of. They know Messi to be the kind of man that doesn’t demand for too much.

Now, Neymar who Manchester United fans saw as a man preparing for life outside the Camp Nou, has come out to drop a hint that he will still ply his football trade there next season. He did by calling on the Barcelona hierarchy to do anything in their power to resolve the contract issue with Lionel Messi so that his future at the club will be confirmed once and for all, and so that he could get to training with them without any distractions.

Neymar made the call while reiterating that he has learnt a lot in the four years he has spent with the little man at the club. Some of the things he learnt from him are how to be alert during matches and the best way to strike the ball. He ended the interview by describing Messi as a man from another planet. He says that Messi is an idol and one friend he is just very lucky to hit the training ground with every other day. He says he is hoping that Leo will just put pen to paper so that they could put it behind them and get back to work at the training ground.

This ultimately killed the speculation that the young man may be shifting sides in weeks. So, what now Manchester United fans, since your wanted player has said he is staying at Barcelona?