Manchester United working to Re-Sign Michael Keane for £25m

According to the (Express), Manchester United are ready to sign ex defender Michael Keane from Burnley. Keane started his youth career with Manchester United back in 2011. Man United are believed to offer around £25 million.  

Manchester United who are known for selling and re-buying their players once they’ve become stars for example very recently they re-signed Paul Pogba for £89 million after selling him for almost nothing. Although this isn’t the best business it certainly isn’t the worst if you think about it.

Football is not just a game anymore it’s a business. Even though it shouldn’t be. What if Manchester United knew all along that Pogba was going to become a superstar but only if the pressure doesn’t get to him. The media in the Premier League is by far the harshest. They’re already calling him a flop and he hasn’t even completed a full season.

The point is, teams like Manchester United will be willing to sell youngsters and make secret deals to get them back a few years later when the time is right. The £89 million wasn’t as simple as it sounds. It wasn’t cash in hands or a bank transfer, they pay it in instalments. It wouldn’t be surprising if they knew they were going to sign him back all along.