Man City Ready to Sign Jack Wilshere


According to (TalkSport), Manchester City are eyeing a cheeky move for Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere who is currently on loan to Bournemouth.

Jack Wilshere is probably one of the most talented English footballers about but he clearly hasn’t helped himself by smoking, partying etc etc. Jack Wilshere needed this loan move, it wont make him a better player on the pitch but it will definitley help him off it. A complete fresh start to the new season with Arsenal is exactly what he needs. New players around him, probably a number of new staff too. All he needs is some strict dedication and he will easily be one of the best midfielders in the Premier League.

Pep Guardiola is no fool.. Although Manchester City haven’t had a great start to the season, you can still predict that Guardiola will turn that team into a powerhouse. It’s not like he doesn’t have the cash to spend, City’s owners are filthy rich and they can spend whatever they’re allowed to spend without breaking the financial fair play rules
We all know what type of football Guardiola likes to play and Jack Wilshere is the PERFECT example of what he’s looking for. If he has any chance in signing him, he will not think twice about it. If Arsenal are willing to sell, and Jack Wilshere is open to the move.. Consider it a DONE DEAL.