Leicester City Compared to a Bizarre Group Due to Actions in Sevilla Clash


Leicester City have been bizarrely compared to KKK by their legend Gary Lineker and fans after the Foxes decided to leave white flags in the stands during the Champions League knock-out match against Sevilla.

The Premier League Champions were playing the most important match of the season, their first ever Champions League knock-out stage home game. With that being the case, the club planned to create the best atmosphere possible by leaving blue and white flags in the stands through King Power Stadium.

Glad I'm not flagging up a KKK gathering but rather a gathering of flags at the KP.

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However, not everybody was thrilled the stunning pre-match efforts. Lineker called out an uncanny resemblance with KKK through his Instagram account, saying he was rather “glad” he was seeing flags being held at the KP Stadium and not at a KKK gathering. Some fans agreed with the former English striker, with one tweeting “I swear to god I thought of KKK when I saw that” while another said “Well that looks hella sketchy.”

Leicester eventually overcame a 2-1 first leg deficit with a shocking 2-0 win to go through to the quarter finals of the competition, a historic achievement for the club. They will need to wait for the draw on Friday to see who their next opposition will be.