Top 10 Highest Paid African Players in the Game

2. Yaya Toure – $313,000


Yaya Toure may be nearing the end of his time at Manchester City, but the soon to be 33 year old Ivorian has certainly made the most of his time in the North-West of England. Toure is a mercurial player who on his day can be an unstoppable force as he races from box to box breaking up attacks at one end and unleashing howitzers on goal at the other. On other occasions though, such as the proverbial Tuesday night at Stoke, Toure is a shadow of the player who is a four time African Footballer of the Year as he fades in and out of the game while going through the motions. City though must be pleased with the two Premier League Titles that Toure has helped bring to the club, especially as his $313,000 weekly wage is pocket change to the wealthiest club owners in the game.


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