Top 10 Highest Paid African Players in the Game

4. Emmanuel Adebayor – $140,000


Emmanuel Adebayor is being paid somewhere right around $140,000 per week despite the fact he has only played a total of 13 league games since the beginning of the 2014-15 season. Adebayor has been a polarizing figure throughout his entire career and one of those players that has to be in the right frame of mind and feel the right support to be effective. The last time this happened was when Spurs were managed by Tim Sherwood and the big Togolese international was in sensational form. Unfortunately it was all downhill from that point and Adebayor was seen as being disruptive enough within the Tottenham dressing room to be released near the end of 2015 despite the club still paying his wages. Now that Adebayor has signed for Crystal Palace, Spurs will still have to pick up the bulk of his wages to reach this total amount.


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