United And England Star Suffers Serious Foot Injury

According to the (The Times), Star defender for Manchester United, Phil Jones, has suffered an injury during training for the Premier League club. During a drill fellow defender Chris Smalling, a man who is occasionally captain for United, stepped on Jones’ foot, breaking his toe. While a broken toe is minor injury in most professions, in football it is quite disastrous. ​

Jones is expected to miss out on all the games for England during the international break, something Gareth Southgate will not be pleased about. Not only that, but Jones is apparently not going to be able to play for any of United’s matches in April, of which there are a whopping 9 matches to play for the Red Devils.

Mourinho’s side has already played more matches in the Premier League than almost any other side, even those who finished in the top six last year. They have won the EFL Cup, made it to the quarter final of the FA Cup, are still in Europa League (of which in England, only United and Leicester are left in European competitions), and still have 11 games left in the domestic league.

This means that players are tired, and any injury is costly because it forces other squad members to fill in when they could be resting. United have the third best defense in the league (Tottenham and Chelsea are tied for the best), but they rely on having a full selection of defenders to be able to boast such a stat. Jones is crucial to their side, and to Southgate’s international squad as well. It will be interesting to see how the two managers handle this loss heading into an intense end of winter and beginning of spring.