Top Nine Reasons Football Fans Don’t Like Neymar

9. Not Playing in English Premier League


Neymar started his career with Santos FC and later got transferred to FC Barcelona thus joining Spanish La Liga. Premier League fans are somewhat jealous because Neymar did not join Barclays Premier League and probably won’t be featured in that league for a good amount of time. As he is currently playing in FC Barcelona and it was a dream to play in Spanish La Liga. PREVIEW FOR #8: Neymar at the age of 23 is the 4th highest paid soccer player in the world according to the post of SPORTEOLOGY. Neymar reportedly earns around 28 million dollars per year. Most of this earning comes from sponsors including Nike, L’Oreal, Volkswagen and Castrol. A person earning that much is expected to be a bit lavish, but Neymar spends too much and might be in danger of bankruptcy. Neymar has a mansion in Spain worth 2.5 million dollars and also bought an apartment in Santos for 150 thousand dollars. Neymar rides on luxury cars, both in Spain and Brazil. He also owns a helicopter and air travels mostly by renting a private jet. People don’t like this lavish spending habit of Neymar.


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