Top 7 Best Friends In Sports In The World

#7. Stephen Curry and Draymond Green: Basketball


Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are the engines that keep the Warriors ticking. A large chunk of the Warriors´ success in the recent years must be attributed to Stephen Curry´s phenomenal bond with Draymond Green, in turn, helping them perform exceptional plays. When Stephen feels that the pressure on the court is too heavy on his shoulders, he knows that Green is always readily available to lower the load, ¨He is a voice for me in certain situations. If he´s shooting well or not, doesn´t have the energy or not, I can pretty much count on him every night.¨ Although Curry spearheads the team on the court, he has stated that Draymond is the livelier one away from it, ¨I´ll call him the more social one when it comes to off-the-court. But, we both like to have fun, do it in our own ways.¨


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