Top 5 Footballers Who Appeared In Movies

5. Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels): Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was Vinnie Jones’s debut film, and perhaps among all others in this countdown, this guy quite comfortably transitioned and settled into the world of acting, and was in fact quite good, considering that he wasn’t a professional actor. However, he’s more remembered for his performance along side Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch. That’s not all, this guy has also appeared in movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Mean Machine and X-Men. This would also mean that he’s actually a pretty good actor, but take our word for it, he’s not as good as Eric Cantona!

#4. Paul Breitner (Kunyonga- Murder in Africa): First, let us introduce Paul. He happened to play for teams like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, and was a great defensive midfielder, and often played as defender. Moreover, he has also won the World Cup, something that only Bobby Moore and Pele has accomplished in this countdown. He won the World Cup with West Germany in 1974, and two years later, he took up the role of Sergeant Stark in a film called as “Potato Fritz”. The movie is about how a group of Germans moved to the American Wild West. But it wasn’t until 10 more years when Breitner got his second chance, this time to act in an another German film called Kunyonga- Murder in Africa.

#3. Ronaldo (Goal 2): No, we’re not talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, but about the Brazilian Ronaldo (or the real Ronaldo, as Jose Mourinho would have said!). Not only did the ‘Real Ronaldo’ win the world cup, along with Bobby Moore and Paul Breitner in this countdown, he played the role of himself in a show, telecasted many years ago. He has appeared on the big screen in the movie Goal 2, but has also appeared in movies like “Mike Bassett: England Manager”. How good was he? Well, let’s just say that had it not been for his World Cup, he wouldn’t have got into this countdown for his acting!

#2. Diego Maradona (Maradona): In an attempt to compete with Pele, Diego Maradona, the best Argentinian footballer according to many, Maradona probably had lesser screen time than Pele, if we should be honest. And yet, because he’s the subject in two films, one of which was a 2007 documentary named ‘In the Hands of Gods’ (pun intended maybe?). But perhaps his whole life is a movie to be honest! You have a person who won the World Cup for his nation, using the only part of his body that he’s not allowed to, and got involved into drugs!

#1. STAN COLLYMORE (Basic Instinct 2): This guy just didn’t get into any random movie that was offered to him- but he got, maybe the movie that any guy would have wanted to be part of, just to be near to Sharon Stone. You’ve probably guessed which movie we’re talking about! However, he’s in the film only for the first few minutes. Needless to say, there wasn’t really much scope of acting, because all his role required him to do, was simply lie dead! Not the hardest of jobs when it comes to acting, but yes, we must say, his choice of taking films is pretty darn good! And if it is still of a puzzle to you, then the movie’s name was Basic Instinct 2!