Top 11 Predicted World Football Team For 2016

#11 Goalkeeper – Manuel Neuer

Of course the Bayern Munich goalkeeper would be the first choice for a team fielded by the planet in any extra terrestrial derby. His past season has been impeccable and he is one of the highest earners around. Known for his extreme athleticism and tremendous saves Manuel is the number one choice for the number one shirt. Watch on

#10 Left Back – David Alaba

Another Bayern Munich entry for left back would do nicely in the form of this Austrian international. Thanks to his quick pace and technical thinking he is exactly just the type of guy needed to stop any of those dangerous crosses coming in from the left. One of the best left backs around. Watch on

#9 Right Back – Danilo


The right back spot goes to this Brazilian. Danilo currently plays for Porto and has enjoyed consistently good performances that has led him to going to the Barnebeu. Being a strong lad he is fully capable of closing down any threats coming down the wing. His upcoming season at Real Madrid will provide him ample opportunity to shine. Watch on


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