Top 10 Youngest Premier League Football Stars

#10 Jack Grealish(19)


This young whipper snapper joined the Birmingham club at the age of 6 and is currently representing the Republic of Ireland. His presence within Tim Sheerwood’s first team has seen him able to harness his promising playing style particularly when he speeds past defenders. However, with his age, he is also impressionable and got into hot water earlier this year when newspapers had photos of him inhaling nitrous oxide. PREVIEW FOR #9: At the time of writing, Adnan is still currently a fixture within the Louis Van Gaal game plan but may find himself being loaned out to another club this season. The Belgian international left Anderlecht for Old Trafford when he was 16 years old but has recently had a tense relationship with Van Gaal who has threatened to loan him out to Sunderland (of all the places! The poor lad!). Whether this says more about LVG than Adnan is up for debate.


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