Top 10 Worst Referee Mistakes

#10 Man Utd v Tottenham – clear goal not called


Mark Clatternberg gets the credit for this howler back in 2005 as in the dying minutes of the match Ben Thatcher made a quality lob over Roy Carrol who scrambled back as the ball clearly crossed the line by quite some margin. Whatever the reasons were for this mistake is unknown but it clearly belongs on this list. Watch on PREVIEW FOR #9: This fixture saw a hilarious decision by the official Marco Fritz when he gave a goal to against a trailing Frankfurt side who were by this moment losing 4-0. Christian Tiffert decided to try his luck with a 25 yard strike only to see his effort rebound downwards off the crossbar in front of the goal mouth and bounce away. Marco promptly awarded a goal to Duisberg who were in complete shock but celebrated anyway. A goal is a goal as they say. Watch on


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