Top 10 All Time Best Striker Partnerships In The Premier League

#10. Wayne Rooney & Dimitar Berbatov


Dimitar Berbatov joined Manchester United in 2008 to create one of the most top-heavy squads in Premier League history. The Bulgarian joined Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Carlos Tevez at the club on the back of two consecutive Premier League titles. The result was as imagined, difficult to find the right players to link up but the situation became easier following the departures of both Ronaldo and Tevez. In their absence, Rooney and Berbatov struck up a fine partnership which oozed class and goals. During the four seasons the pair played together, Rooney and Berbatov notched up a combined tally of 124 Premier League goals between them. An impressive tally which resulted in two Premier League titles.


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