Top 10 Most Notable Individual Player Records

10. Rogerio Ceni


Club: Sao Paulo
Position: Goal keeper
Renowned for: Scoring 123 goals as a goalie, Made 1141 appearances (highest in the world-not Pele)
When it comes to goalkeeper, you expect them to save goals. But what if you could have a goalkeeper that was expert in scoring from set piece (apart from defending it of course)? Rogerio Ceni happens to be the perfect goalkeeper for such a matter. This goalie has managed to score a whopping 123 goals in his career as a goalkeeper! There are plenty of goalie who haven’t managed to grab this many clean sheets in their career! Sao Paulo’s first choice goalie, Ceni is currently 42 years old and perhaps will be soon retiring. To put things into perspective, even Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs hasn’t managed to score so many goals for United, and he used to be an attacking player!


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