Top 10 Most Expensive Footballer Cars

#10. NANI – Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 – WORTH: £137,000

With the amazing gals and luxury homes come the motors! Being the most popular sport in the world means the pay packets received by these athletes’ enables them to splash out on the finest cars money can buy. From exquisite sports cars to Rolls Royce phantoms, here are the top ten cars owned by footballers today. The Portuguese international landed one of these limited edition models with only 250 existing worldwide. The ex-Manchester United winger is now playing for Sporting CP, but at his time at Old Trafford he must have had one of the most stylish cars on the forecourt. Probably got some looks from his team mates.

#9. ARDA TURAN – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – WORTH: £145,000


The Turkish and Atletico left winger ,Arda Turan purchased this stylish vehicle as an addition for his garage. The engine probably gets as hot as his temper but probably not as dented as his ego. It certainly looks the part and is worth well over a hundred thousand pounds sterling.


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