Top 10 Most Loyal Footballers Of All Time

3. Francesco Totti (AS Roma) 24 years


Started in: 1992
Appearances: 608
Total years: 24 years
Honors: FIFA World Cup, Serie A title
One of the best forwards of Italy, Totti is like a lot similar to Wayne Rooney. He can play in any advanced position his manager wants him to play in. Granted, he isn’t retired yet and its unfair to rank him #3 right now, but we’ll be updating this countdown soon. Totti made 608 appearances for the AS Roma. Normally, if you’re injured before a world cup, the manager chooses some other player to fill your role. But Totti was such an inspirational player that before 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Italian manager gave him time for recovery and promised him that the spot was his for the taking, irrespective of his present condition! He is now considered to be a super sub.


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