Top 10 Most Loyal Footballers Of All Time

6. Paul Scholes (Manchester United) 20 years


Started in: 1992 – 2011, 2012-2013
Appearances: 499
Total years: 19
Honors: Premier League Titles, FIFA World Club Cup, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup
Paul Scholes was one of the best box-to-box midfielder that United had ever seen. He could easily initiate the play from the back and carry the ball forward to pass it to the strikers. Not to forget, we’ve seen some pretty amazing screamers from this guy in United and English colours. In corners, opposing defenders would be less concerned about the tall forwards of United, but were more worried about the danger lurking just outside the penalty box- Paul Scholes. Should he get the chance to unleash his right foot, you better pray to god that the ball just whizzes past the goal posts.


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