Top 10 Footballers with Brains and Talent

10. Matthew Lawrence – Former Fulham, Millwall and Crystal Palace


Matthew Lawrence may not be the most famous footballer around but he did enjoy a successful career playing in the lower leagues for the likes of Fulham, Millwall and Crystal Palace. Apart from his playing exploits, Lawrence holds a degree in American Literature and is a regular column contributor for English newspapers such as ‘The London Paper’ and ‘The Mirror’. Despite being 40, Lawrence is still playing for non league side Burgess Hill Town – which is a testament to his determination. PREVIEW FOR #9: Juan Mata is considered arguably one of the best playmakers of the modern era. A player who displays wonderful grace and intelligence on the pitch, Mata is also a keen academic and has studied journalism at Universidad Politecnica e Madrid. Intent on furthering his education, Mata is currently pursuing a degree in sports science and finance, and seems to possess talent and dedication both on and off the pitch.


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