Top 10 Footballers With The Most Expensive Homes

#10. Kaka: $3.7 million


The legendary Brazilian playmaker is known to be one of the most humble players to ever grace European football. In a career that has seen him win countless honors with the likes of AC Milan and Real Madrid, Kaka has amassed quite a fortune for himself. The current house the player owns is worth a whopping 3 million pounds. And although the design is minimal yet very modern, it is exquisite from the inside, boasting every luxury us mortals can only dream of.

#9. Lionel Messi: $5 million


Arguably the best footballer on the planet, the Argentine wizard earns the type of money most of us can’t even make on an annual basis if we were to combine our salaries. The Barcelona striker is a king at home and outside and deserves a home that befits someone who has achieved so much in his career. The striker’s home is worth $5 million and houses a spa, a private theater, an indoor football pitch (where he adds more goals to his really personal goal tally). And if that were not enough, Messi’s home is actually shaped like a football pitch which goes on to show us just how much this player loves what he does.


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